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Services for Licensees

Sipro is your one-stop shop for licensing Brevets Essentiels for the standard technology covered by the patent pool. POOL DE BREVETS benefit Licenciés by enabling you to execute just one agreement with the pool to acquire the rights to all the patented technology covered by the pool.

You do not have to deal with each patent pool licensor separately because Sipro Lab Telecom coordinates the entire licensing process for you.

Another important benefit of a patent pool is that it goes through a patent essentiality process performed by a third party.

Based on our extensive experience with Licenciés around the globe in all the relevant markets and product areas, Sipro makes a thorough analysis of your needs, provides detailed explanations of license terms and follows up for the successful conclusion of a license agreement.

Services for Licensors

Sipro has more than 10 years of experience in the creation and administration of PATENT POOLS. Through patent pools, we make your Brevets Essentiels easy to obtain, and in this way – and through specific marketing activities – we promote the widespread adoption of your technology.

Sipro is an energetic and proactive agent for the patent pool members. We have the tools and expertise to promote the technology, conclude licensing agreements in a timely manner, promote wider adoption of the technology through identification of new markets and niches and continuously follow up with current and potential Licenciés.

As patent pool administrators, Sipro undertakes all sales, marketing and legal activities on behalf of the patent pool and provides detailed reports to the pool administrative committee. We prepare all administrative committee meetings and all meeting documents, including minutes. We also prepare and coordinate amendments to license management agreements and patent license agreements.


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